How Digital Ready Are Your Small Business Clients?

In the run-up to our inaugural BigFive Summit, which begins next week in Cape Town, the BigFive Digital team has conducted an exclusive “executive survey” to gain a sense of how leaders across the big five pillars assess the state of small business in the region.

The survey asked more than 40 leaders across traditional media, digital agencies, digital publishers, fintech, and martech developers to rate how digital ready SMMEs are in the region and assess what they believe are the biggest challenges SMMEs face in Africa and the Middle East.

We will present the findings of this survey on Day 1 of the Summit.

To give you just a taste of the survey findings, we asked the leaders “How would you assess the digital readiness of the small businesses your company interacts with?” The findings suggest there is plenty of upside for companies seeking to help SMMEs along the way on their digital transformation journey.

The chart below shows that most (701%) see the SMMEs the interact with as only “somewhat ready” while 16% regard them as “not at all ready”. Only 9% would describe SMMEs in the region as “very ready.”