BigFive Summit Sessions: The Service Imperative (Video)

At the inaugural BigFive Summit in Cape Town, Trudon (Pty) CRO Lyndon Munetsi addressed the “Service Imperative.” The argument for service as an operational imperative is, in essence, that the only thing more expensive than investing in after-sales service and support is not investing in it.

Lyndon a former Accenture consultant with just under three years at Trudon, noted that digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires organizations “to consistently look to solve for the next problem.”

There is no guarantee that being the best at a specific task today, SEO for example, will mean anything in a year. However, having a strong customer service organization will be a persistent requirement.

“With change comes the need to step up our service levels to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers,” Lyndon said.

Churn is a top-level challenge for most organizations service the SME market.

Service is a key element in reducing churn.

“People don’t just walk away,” Lyndon said. “Happy customers don’t churn.”

If churn is happening, it’s “not the fault of your competitors,” Lyndon said. The reason is, “We have failed at some point in the delivery value chain, so that there is a disconnect between what was sold and what was delivered.”

Lyndon said it is critical to invest in data and the analytics tools required to use data to understand your market and your customers so you can anticipate and deliver on customer needs.

“We need to stop guess and invest in the tools that will tell us what our market is,” Lyndon said.

Time to market and product/service quality are essential in a changing market. And too often, Lyndon argues, companies look for the lowest cost solution to a challenge, an approach that more often than not costs more in lost business than it saves.

A core message from Lyndon was that investment in productivity tools is essential to quality service delivery.

Lydon argues that it is critical to “invest in a best in class CRM. You [also] need to have smart productivity platforms help you deliver on your services in a timely manner.”

The next area where Lydon advocates strategic investment is in people.

“The most important thing is getting our people future fit by changing their mindsets,” Lyndon said.

To be effective today and going forward, people need to continuously evolve, learn and challenge themselves in order to remain effective and relevant in the workplace.

Lyndon closed with the famous line about missing all of the shots you never take. His point? Without investing in the service imperative, failure is all but guaranteed.

You can view Lyndon’s full presentation here:

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