BIG5D.TV Episode Two: Herman Singh, Future Advisory

BIG5D.TV caught up with digital thought leader Herman Singh to get his views on how the COVID-19 pandemic will impact everything — from the travel industry to small business to how we conduct our everyday work lives.

Herman is a former MTN chief digital officer who now advises clients ranging from legacy companies to early-stage startups. He has been active in recent weeks advising these organizations on how to manage through the crisis.

Much of what Herman says in the interview is sobering. For instance, he believes the recovery of certain industries will be measured in years, while others may never recover.

At its heart, However, Herman’s message is optimistic. Times of crisis are always times of great opportunity. And COVID-19 is no exception. 

“Consumers are suddenly less brand loyal in a recession,” Herman said in our interview, noting this reduction in loyalty creates opportunities for challengers that don’t exist in better times. “They are also willing to change their behavior.”

One key area of opportunity Herman sees for innovators in this environment is in helping to automate services delivery that currently occurs face to face. He also sees an opening to optimize the remote work experience with better technology. 

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