Building Africa's local and small business digital ecosystem



11-13 MAY 2022

A thought-leading event exploring the growing and increasingly interconnected ecosystem supporting the digital transformation of small and local businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.

Why attend the BigFive Summit?
To learn about the growing and increasingly interconnected ecosystem enabling the digital transformation of small and local businesses in Sub-Saharan Africa. And to make connections that will lead to the partnerships that will help this space grow and prosper.


What do we mean when we say “small and local” businesses?

  • SMMEs (small, midsize, and micro enterprises)
  • Regional brands
  • Multi-location brands


Why BigFive Digital?

BigFive Digital is an event and content organization fostering the development of the local and SME digital technology ecosystem in Africa and the Middle East. BigFive does this via in-person and virtual events, and through thought-leading content that includes the popular BIG5D Podcast, newsletter, and original research.

Components of the local and SME technology stack





Organizations that should attend this event

  • SaaS companies
  • Online publishers
  • Media companies
  • Fintechs
  • Logistics techs
  • Food techs
  • Investors
  • Local businesses owners
  • Digital agencies
  • Martech companies
  • Digital presence providers
  • Listings and location management companies
  • Mapping companies
  • eCommerce platforms
  • Telecoms
  • Banks

For example, the BigFive Summit will encourage its sponsoring organizations to invite small business operators that they are in business with, or whom they are currently prospecting, to attend this event as their guests. This will give everyone in the room some perspective on the everyday realities small businesses face. And hopefully will inform our sponsors’ and delegates’ current and future thinking around how digital solutions are designed and delivered.

The role of small business at the BigFive Summit

While BigFive Digital events are primarily designed for the ecosystem building tools for Africa-Middle East small businesses, we have always involved SMEs directly in our events. And we intend to increase that involvement in the future.

Key Topics at BigFive Summit 2022

The Future of Africa’s Local Search Ecosystem

Innovations in Small Business Financial Inclusion

A Look at Earned Wage Access Platforms

Buy Now, Pay Later and Other Payments Innovations

Understanding the Coming DeFi Revolution

Building Africa’s Home Services Marketplaces

Unpacking the API

Investor Outlook - The Future of Investing in African Innovation

eCommerce for SMEs

Delivering SEO to
Africa’s SMEs

The Emerging Local Delivery Ecosystem

Dark Stores, Cloud Kitchens and Virtual Restaurants

Past Participants in the BigFive Summit

*Reflects a selection of companies that attended the 2019 BigFive Summit in Cape Town as speakers, sponsors, or delegates.

To inquire about speaking and sponsorship opportunities, write to us at

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