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Omnibiz Offers All-in-One Productivity Suite for SMBs

Omnibiz is a new startup based in Lagos that offers what founder CEO Deepankar Rustagi describes as a “cloud-based business productivity platform for businesses to simplify their growth.” The Omnibiz solution in keeping with the global trend of developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that enable small businesses to in essence run their businesses through their phones.…

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New Podcast: Trevor Nadeau, Local Knowledge

Trevor Nadeau is on a mission to make every business in the region discoverable on Google. And he describes the opportunity for making African and Middle Eastern small businesses fully discoverable online in very human terms. “if we have the ability to help a business owner get discovered properly, with a proper address and category, that…

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How to Overcome Objections to Website Sales

Websites are key to building a strong digital foundation for small businesses. Yet many still struggle to understand the value of an online presence. According to a recent study by Visa, more than 50% of SMBs still aren’t online, but with digital presence playing a more important role than ever, SMB service providers must refine…

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