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Small Business

BigFive Summit Sessions: The Unfiltered Truth (Video)

At the inaugural BigFive Summit in May, we ended Day 1 with a panel of three Cape Town area small business operators who talked about the pain points they experience as small business owners, giving the audience some real-time evidence of the pain points SME solutions providers have the opportunity to solve. The panel members…

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BigFive Summit Sessions: Reinventing Trudon (Video)

At the inaugural BigFive Summit in Cape Town, our Paul Plant interviewed Trudon (Pty) Ltd CEO Lunga Siyo about the challenges of running a legacy media business is a fast-changing digital environment. Johannesburg-based Trudon publishers printed Yellow Pages as well as online, voice, and mobile YP directories, plus digital services, including websites, presence management, digital…

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BigFive Summit Sessions: The One Second Strategy (Video)

Mobile advertising is an unforgiving medium, as markets have only fractions of a second to capture a device user’s attention. At the inaugural BigFive Summit in Cape Town, Sarah Utermark, the South Africa country manager for the Mobile Marketing Association, presented eye-tracking research detailing how mobile users interact with mobile advertising. The bottom line is…

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BigFive Summit Sessions: The Leaders View the AME Digital Opportunity

Top executives from the companies leading African and Middle Eastern small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) into the digital age believe the biggest challenges that their customers face are acquiring and retaining customers and finding the financing they require to remain in business. These were among the findings of a survey BigFive Digital conducted among leaders…

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Omnibiz Offers All-in-One Productivity Suite for SMBs

Omnibiz is a new startup based in Lagos that offers what founder CEO Deepankar Rustagi describes as a “cloud-based business productivity platform for businesses to simplify their growth.” The Omnibiz solution in keeping with the global trend of developing software-as-a-service (SaaS) products that enable small businesses to in essence run their businesses through their phones.…

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How Digital Ready Are Your Small Business Clients?

In the run-up to our inaugural BigFive Summit, which begins next week in Cape Town, the BigFive Digital team has conducted an exclusive “executive survey” to gain a sense of how leaders across the big five pillars assess the state of small business in the region. The survey asked more than 40 leaders across traditional…

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The Ultimate Guide to Selling Websites

For the small business owner today, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to digital marketing. With a vast array of digital platforms – from Facebook to Jumia fighting for their attention, small business owners need to make the decision of how to prioritize their marketing efforts and spend. As such, being…

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