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Technology Trends

BigFive Summit Sessions: The Leaders View the AME Digital Opportunity

Top executives from the companies leading African and Middle Eastern small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) into the digital age believe the biggest challenges that their customers face are acquiring and retaining customers and finding the financing they require to remain in business. These were among the findings of a survey BigFive Digital conducted among leaders…

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New Podcast: Gustav Praekelt,

Gustav Praekelt is a deep thinker about how technology enables small businesses to be successful at surprisingly little cost. His eponymous Johannesburg-based technology consultancy provides “human-centered” UX design and engineering, natural language understanding, and also helps businesses use chatbots and WhatsApp to engage, communicate, and generate revenue. The latter topic, using messaging apps to empower African businesses, dominated…

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Is Africa the “Silicon Valley of Banking”?

A new book argues that Africa is the center of digital innovation in the banking system. The book, Fintech: The Banks Counter-Attack was written by Yves Eonnet and Hervé Manceron, are co-founders of the French digital banking company TagPay. “Africa is the Silicon Valley of banking,” said the authors. “The bank of the future is being invented in…

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Forget Native Apps, SMBs Should Focus on The Mobile Web

From smartphones to tablets, mobile devices are increasingly dominating the time consumers spend consuming digital media. And it’s really no surprise – we all know it was already in 2015 that mobile search surpassed desktop searches. In certain emerging markets, like Indonesia, they’ve completely skipped desktop adoption and pressed fast forward on mobile-first with 91%…

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