BigFive Digital Membership Opportunities

BigFive Digital has designed attractive membership options for Africa & Middle East (AME) digital marketing organizations of all sizes, stages of development, and need. Our membership packages combine access to decision-support content, unique proprietary research and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.

All of these elements are designed to advance the cause of provisioning the AME small business owner with the digital tools they need to win, keep and grow customers.

Once you have decided which membership tier matches your needs and budget, fill out the application form below, and we will then follow up with you to complete your membership.

Guide to BigFive Digital Services

BigFive Summit Passes

Each membership tier includes passes to attend the BigFive Summit, our annual conference designed to help AME digital professionals learn, network and build partnerships. The number of passes varies by membership tier.

Industry Reports

Each month BigFive Digital will publish a thoroughly researched industry brief on a topic of interest to the BigFive membership. These reports are designed to be easily digested and highly actionable.

Proprietary Research

BigFive Digital is conducting “first of its kind” market research among Africa and Middle East consumers and SMEs. This research will be invaluable decision support material for BigFive members.

Concierge Service

Corporate members will have access to the BigFive Concierge Service, which will serve as an extension or your research, strategy or competitive intelligence operation. Rely on this service for custom insights, curation of available research, feedback on your business plans, and to facilitative peer to peer networking.

BigFive Summit Exhibits

Upper tier BigFive members will receive substantial discounts on exhibit space for the BigFive Summit. Exhibiting at the Summit is an excellent way to raise your profile as you seek partners in AME.

BigFive Digital – Membership Application

Membership Tier Corporate (Founder) Corporate (Annual) Business (Founder) Business (Annual) Individual (Founder) Individual (Annual)
BigFive Summit Passes 5 4 2 2 1 1
Industry Reports Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Proprietary Research Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Concierge Service Yes Yes No No No No
BigFive Summit Exhibitor
50% 50% 33% 33% n/a n/a
Fees $17,500 $7,500 $5,750 $2,500 $2,250 $1,000
Renewal Fee (US$) (one-off payment = three years membership) As per previous year plus nominal increase (one-off payment = three years membership) As per previous year plus nominal increase (one-off payment = three years membership) As per previous year plus nominal increase