BigFive Podcast

The BigFive Digital Podcast shares the voices and stories of leaders in the BigFive categories (search, social, mobile, location and payments) in Africa and the Middle East.

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Episode 4: Trevor Nadeau, Local Knowledge

Local Knowledge CEO Trevor Nadeau knows what it takes to build a location database in challenging markets. He has a keen grasp on the scope of the location opportunity in the AME region, and a strong sense of mission in his pursuit of it. Listen to understand the size, scope, and complexity of the location data opportunity.

Episode 3: Gustav Praekelt,

Gustav Praekelt is a deep thinker about how technology enables small businesses to be successful at surprisingly little cost. His Johannesburg-based technology consultancy provides “human-centered” UX design and engineering, natural language understanding, and also helps businesses use chatbots and WhatsApp to engage, communicate, and generate revenue. Listen to this interview for a clear vision of how advanced technology can enable even the smallest business.

Episode 2: Louw Barnardt, OCFO

Louw Barnardt is a chartered accountant by training and an entrepreneur by nature. He is the co-founder and MD of Outsourced CFO, a Cape Town start-up than gives SMEs and fellow start-ups access to financial expertise that they cannot otherwise afford in the early stages of their growth. Listen for an insightful conversation on how the cloud has transformed business formation.

Episode 1: Ezana Raswork, Africa 118

Ezana Raswork is founder and CEO of Africa 118, which is both a directory of business listings throughout Africa and a provider of digital marketing services to Africa SMEs. Africa 118 is building a valuable asset in its database of nearly a million SME records in Africa. Africa 118 currently operates in Kenya, Uganda, and Ethiopia, but plans to expand elsewhere on the continent. On this inaugural episode of the podcast, we discuss his company’s founding story and the challenges of going to market in the SME space on the continent.