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Episode 10: Meghan McCormick, Co-founder & CEO, OZÉ
Meghan McCormick
This is the first in the BIG5D Podcast's Fintech Founders Series, This episode features OZÉ CEO Meghan McCormick.

Meghan explains her journey from American Peace Corp veteran and management consultant to founding a small-business fintech based in Ghana that helps SMMEs get organized with SaaS tools and get access to capital on fair terms.

Meghan comes to everything with a core mission of creating jobs by helping small businesses thrive.

This episode is sponsored by Mono Solutions. (www.monosolutions.com/)

Episode Nine: Kartik Taneja, Head of B2B Solutions, EMEA, Uber
Kartik Taneja
The pandemic has created challenges for the region’s logistics players — ride-hailing services, food delivery apps, and others. But there is also a tremendous emerging opportunity to offer an ever-widening array of services. We will explore this landscape with Uber’s Kartik Taneja.

Episode sponsored by MatchCraft (www.matchcraft.com)

Episode Eight: Samantha Naidu, Volt Africa
Samantha Naidu
This episode of BIG5D.TV features an interview with Samantha Naidu, CEO of Volt Africa. We discuss the optimal digital solution set for African SMEs, particularly in times of crisis.

This episode was sponsored by Duda: www.duda.co/

Episode Seven: Colin Timmis, Xero
Colin Timmis, Xero