The BigFive Virtual Summit
“Building a Tech-Enabled Future for AME Small Businesses”

BigFive Digital is delighted to announce a new half-day “Virtual Summit” on the afternoon of Wednesday 4th November.

The AME region's small and medium-sized businesses have a massive need for digital tools across the pillars of the BigFive ecosystem -- search, social, mobile, location, and payments.

The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated SMEs' adoption of these tools. Now is the time to help small businesses build a tech-enabled future. The BigFive Virtual Summit will devote itself to defining this opportunity and showing how leading companies are embracing it.

This FREE event's speakers will represent regional

leadership across media, agencies, telecom, fintech, SaaS, and more.

The Virtual Summit is open to companies involved in the supply and enablement of Digital Media and Technology solutions to local small businesses throughout the Africa & Middle East (AME) local commerce ecosystem. To us, that means any company actively engaged in one of the Digital

“Big Five” sectors: Search, Social, Mobile, Location, and

Payments. Plus any other company with a direct interest in local digital commerce.

Speaking, sponsorship and advertising opportunities are available for companies wanting to reach out

to our growing audience of c.3,000 AME industry professionals and local digital influencers. NB:

Sponsorship ackages are negotiable and can be tailored to include other BigFive events and channels.



The Virtual Summit is free to attend.


Featured Sessions

Winning in a Post-Pandemic World

We will engage futurist and digital strategist Herman Singh in a candid and challenging conversation about how organizations must adapt to a dramatically transformed post-pandemic environment and how they can help SMMEs emerge stronger from this crisis. Singh is the author of a new book, “DI-VOLUTION: An essential guide to winning in a digitally transformed post-pandemic environment”.

The Small Business Fintech Revolution

Online and mobile payments have played a pivotal role in modernizing how small businesses operate. What does the future hold for SMME fintech? Will investors continue to support African fintech at current levels? We’ve assembled leaders of the region’s fintech revolution to explore these and other critical questions about one of the most important sectors of the region’s digital economy.

Exploring Africa’s SMME eCommerce Revolution

eCommerce was on the rise on the continent before the pandemic hit. As Africa entered and is now emerging from lockdown, we will examine how the trajectory of eCommerce has been altered, and what opportunities this presents to the BigFive community and the region’s small businesses.

Who Should Attend BigFive Summit?

Our target audience is NOT small businesses – instead we exist to support companies that serve SMEs, especially those companies that help small businesses to operate in, and benefit from, the digital economy. Here are some examples of the type of companies that will benefit from attending and participating in BigFive Summit:

● Media Publishers

Local Radio & TV Networks

Digital Agencies and other

Advertising & Marketing agencies

Search Engines

● Social Media Platforms

● Adtech, Fintech and Martech software providers

● Banks, Accounting, and Credit
Card companies

● Programmatic ad platforms

● Mobile network providers

● Online and mobile payment platforms

● Location data suppliers

● Investors in digital enterprises

● NGO’s with a vested interest in
SMEs and/or e- commerce

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